Where Can I Pray at an Airport

Published: 03rd December 2010
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Airports, especially modern ones, often provide a place at which one can pray. These are often multi-faith, and split by gender.

When you get to an airport, you can go to the airport information counter and ask for where there is a room for you to pray. Not every airport is able to offer a specified place, and if you not you can likely find a quiet area. But be aware that you could miss your flights from San Diego to San Juan while in the prayer room as announcement speakers are often not included in the room in order to keep it quiet and peaceful.

The rooms are multi-faith, but are often split by gender if your faith requires this. If not, you can wait outside until you're ready to pray alone. Airports that are involved when taking flights from Los Angeles to Munich are very likely to have prayer rooms. So taking flights from capital cities, state capitals, and from the biggest airports available will ensure that you get the best chance of finding a prayer room.

While checking whether the flights from Rochester to Phoenix that you or you and your family will be on time on the airport's website you can also check the airport's list of facilities. There they will more than likely list exactly what the airport's facilities are, and say whether or not they have a prayer room available, and any additional information. They may also provide a map that you can use to navigate around the larger airports and find the prayer room. You can also likely check if the room is only open between certain hours. You could also take a moment to ensure that you have found the translation in the language of your departure airport and arrival airport to ensure you have the word for "Prayer Room."

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